About Us

Since its establishment, for 19 years, Mavisco has always maintained a spirit of hard work, loyalty and endurance towards sustainable growth, from a one man show business to five subsidiary companies as of today.

“Ultimate, hard work, persistence and innovation” is always been our direction. This has dedicated to today’s Mavisco group diversification of products and services, and development of new recruit channel partners to provide quality services to end users of all industries.

Mavisco group culture is a guidance and influential tool to the subordinates. 
This is not only applicable towards achieving work effectiveness, but also a guidance to one’s life achievement.

In year 2017, we are aiming at achieving beyond breaking current traditional business module, by developing and promoting more innovative projects, products and services. A full utilization of our existing resources is a value adds to the business.

We firmly believe that a state of success is by “leading”, instead of “commanding”. With a clarity and implication of company culture, can build the level of competitiness from the perspective of technology, to managerial towards achieving an ambitious company. We believe a continuous forging ahead and beyond will lead to a new breakthrough!

“The pinnacle is not on the edge of ten thousand feet, but it is in between of faith and handwork. Standing high will be able to look far ahead". Dare to go beyond, nothing to fear!

MAVISCO Group of Companies